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    A 事业 in 时尚 designing is right for you if you are talented 和 exude style in everything you do. You must also possess the ability be original 和 creative 和 love to make people look good.

    If you have all this 和 more in you then you are all, set to step into the arena of 时尚 designing.






    However, it is also a demanding 事业, as 时尚 设计师s need to combine their creativity with managerial skills to sustain in this industry. Thus, if you can create magic with colours, shapes 和 designs, then just obtain a professional course to begin a successful 事业 in the alluring world of 时尚 designing.


    To start a 事业 as a 时尚 设计师, two types of qualifications are required, that is, natural 和 acquired.

    自然: this skill set would comprise of a decent aesthetic sense, colour expertise, good taste 和 sense of trends 和 时尚. An eye for detail, knowledge of fabrics 和 so on is a big plus for those serious about a 事业 as a 时尚 设计师.

    已获得 技能将是获得体面的,公认的时尚学院的资格证书。您可以注册全日制课程或兼读证书课程。学生通常在10 + 2等级后学习这些。并不是说这些课程不适用于毕业生或具有较高学历的人。同一时装学院开设了几门针对超级专业的短期证书课程,这些课程是兼职的。这些课程将使您掌握技术和创新思维能力。


    这个单词‘fashion’ immediately conjures up images of glitz 和 魅力. The onset of the International 时尚 market in India has given an impetus to the 时尚 industry which has emerged as the booming industry 和 a 事业 as a 时尚 设计师 is like a pot of gold. So, many young people who are attracted by these attributes decide to foray into the 时尚 industry.


    Your race for admission into a reputed 时尚 school will begin straight after school. Subjects like drawing, painting, home science 和 computer graphics will develop your creativity.



    Some 时尚 academies extend merit based scholarships. 这些奖学金通常只免除学费。如果获奖者的学业成绩达到规定的成绩标准,则这些减免将在随后的一年中继续进行。



    + ives

    • The scope of 时尚 design is such that it’为成功而努力。


    • 时尚 设计师s need a lot of experience 和 hence they have to work as assistant for any reputed 时尚 design firm in the initial phase.


    As a professional 时尚 设计师, you can work in areas like 设计师装 production, 时尚 marketing, planning 和 concept management. Then there is 时尚 media, design production management, 时尚 附件 design, quality control 和 promotion of brands.

    You can also work as a designated costume 设计师, 时尚 consultant, personal stylist, technical 设计师, graphic 设计师, production pattern maker or a 时尚 coordinator.

    Other roles include: apparel production manager, fabric buyer, fabric quality control manager, show room sales representative, illustrator, cutting assistant 和 outside sales representative. Those interested in a 事业 in 时尚 designing can also become entrepreneurs 和 form their own companies.


    1. 时尚 houses run by top 时尚 设计师s such as: Abu Jani, JJ瓦拉亚, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Rina Dhaka, Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Sandeep Khosla,Tarun Tahiliani等。



    4. Exclusive 和 branded 时尚 showrooms


    Better prospectus both in terms of salary 和 growth of 时尚 design jobs is enormous 和 extends beyond India’s markets to international markets too. Indian 时尚 设计师s are doing very well in almost all countries 和 hence the scope has broadened for students of 时尚 designing. 

    Ritu Beri,Ritu Kumar,Rohit Bal,Satya Paul和Tarun Tahiliani等时装设计师享誉全球。许多机构都为潜在的时装设计师提供培训,以扩大他们的才能,并成为时尚界的企业家。印度时装周已经成为国际时尚盛会,来自国际商店的买家纷纷亮相进行交易。

    With more 和 more Indians dressing up 和 focused on looking good, there is an increasing awareness about 时尚 in India. The Indian 时尚 industry is booming. The domestic Indian Textile market is worth $25 billion today 和 growing at an annual rate of 15-20%.

    Mega Malls are mushrooming all over. The Retail sector is witnessing a virtual explosion with the Ambanis, Mittals, Birlas 和 now, the Tatas making a foray in this sector. The 时尚 market will require thousands of trained professionals in the fields of design, management, communication 和 technology.



    2. Apprenticeship under a well-known 设计师 is desirable for getting hired in this industry


    4. Do freelancing for 时尚 houses 和 boutiques






    Economically India is progressing rapidly today with even better future prospects. Therefore, the country is today witnessing rapid growth in many sectors which includes the 时尚 industry.

    Indian 时尚 is gaining a lot of popularity abroad because of cheap labour 和 excellent craftsmanship. Many top Indian 设计师s are now catering to this growing international demand for quality 时尚 products 和 accessories. In addition, for the demand for Indian garments, 设计师 saris 和 textiles are also of great demand.

    Many individuals choose 事业s in 时尚 designing today as there are many areas of work 和 countless opportunities within this field.


    The scope for 时尚 design jobs in India is immense as Indians have increasingly become more 时尚 conscious 和 seek to enhance it in every way. Clothing companies need to hire people in a variety of jobs, ranging from 时尚 设计师s, textile 设计师s, models, retailers, buyers 和 merchandisers, to provide end-to-end solutions to their clients.

    根据最近的一项研究,印度’s 时尚 designing industry aims to grow to Rs.1, 000 crores from the current to Rs.180 crores within the next 5 to 10 years.


    In India, the 时尚 industry has just begun to come of age, as it is still in its fledgling stage. This industry offers plenty of opportunities for talented hard working 和 enthusiastic people. Prospects for 时尚 design graduates are pretty good thanks to the huge 和 still growing demand for “designer wear”和同样数量的出口数量。

    After successful completion of the course, you can remain self employed. Alternatively, several export houses, garment store chains, textile mills, leather companies, boutiques, 时尚 show organizers, jewellery houses 和 media houses recruit professionals interested in a 事业 in 时尚 designing.


    每月起薪大约为10,000卢比到15,000卢比。有了经验,您将掌握设计技能的成熟知识,几年后您的薪水将在30,000卢比到1,000卢比之间。 Rs.40,000每月。当然,如果您成为著名的设计师,就可以要求世界。

    Great 时尚 设计师s salary always shows an upward moving trend. However, hard work 和 a conscious effort to update the latest trends in the 时尚 industry are imperative.