贾格兰 Prakashan Limited Group(“we”, “us”, “JPL”)致力于尊重您的(“you”, “data subject”, “user”, “订户)在线隐私”)  This Cookie政策 explains how 和 why 饼干 和 other similar technologies may be stored on 和 accessed from 您r device when 您 采用 or visit 贾格兰 Josh or application that posts a link to this Policy (collectively, “the Sites”)。此Cookie政策应与我们的 Privacy Policy 和 使用条款. 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) 采用s 饼干, tags 和 other technologies when 您 采用 any of the 联合警察 websites, mobile sites or mobile apps (collectively “the services”). Cookies are 采用d to ensure everyone has their best possible experience. Cookies also help us keep 您r account safe. By continuing to visit or 采用 our services, 您 are agreeing to the 采用 of 饼干 和 similar technologies for the purposes we describe in this policy. If 您 prefer not to receive 饼干 or web beacons, then 您 should stop using our website/ mobile application, or consult 您r browsing 和 third party cookie settings as described below.


Cookies are small pieces of text stored by a website/ mobile application 您 visit in 您r browser 和 subsequently sent by 您r web browser in every request to the website/ mobile application. A cookie file is stored in 您r web browser 和 allows the Site or a third-party to recognize 您 和 make 您r next visit easier 和 the Site more 采用ful to 您. Essentially, 饼干 are a 用户’s identification card for the 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) servers. Cookies allow 贾格兰 Josh to serve 您 better 和 more efficiently, 和 to personalize 您r experience on our Site. Web beacons, tags 和 scripts may be 采用d in the Websites or in emails to help us to deliver 饼干, count visits, understand usage 和 campaign effectiveness 和 determine whether an email has been opened 和 acted upon. We may analyse or perform analysis based on the 采用 of these technologies 和 generate reports on an individual 和 aggregated basis.

饼干可以"persistent" or "session" 饼干. A 持久的 cookie helps us recognize 您 as an existing 用户, so it’s easier to return to 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) or interact with our services without signing in again. After 您 sign in, a 持久的 cookie stays in 您r browser 和 will be read by 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) when 您 return to one of our sites/ applications or a partner site that 采用s our services. Session 饼干 only last for as long as the 会议 (usually the current visit to a website/ application or a browser 会议).

The other 追踪 technologies work similarly to 饼干 和 place small data files on 您r devices or monitor 您r website/ mobile application activity to enable us to collect information about how 您 采用 our websites/ applications. This allows our websites/ applications to recognize 您r device from those of other 用户s of the Sites. The information provided below about 饼干 also applies to these other 追踪 technologies.

How do our websites/ mobile applications 采用 饼干 和 other 追踪 technologies?

贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) 采用s 饼干 和 other 追踪 technologies to identify 您 和 您r interests, to remember 您r preferences, 和 to track 您r 采用 of our website/ mobile application. We also 采用 饼干 和 other 追踪 technologies to control access to certain content on our website/ mobile application, protect the websites/ mobile applications,and show 您 advertisements 和 to process any requests that 您 make to us.

To administer our website/ mobile application 和 for research purposes, 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) also has contracted with third-party service providers to track 和 analyse statistical usage 和 volume information from our site 用户s. These third-party service providers 采用 持久的 饼干 to help us to improve the 用户 experience, manage our site content, 和 analyse how 用户s navigate 和 utilize the website/ mobile application.

We categorize 饼干 as follows


类别 描述


Essential 饼干 (First Party Cookies) are sometimes called “绝对必要” as without them we cannot provide many services that 您 need on the website/mobile application. For example, essential 饼干 help remember 您r preferences as 您 move around the website/ mobile application.

2. Analytics Cookies

These 饼干 track information about visits to the 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) so that we can make improvements 和 report our performance. For example: analyse visitor 和 用户 behaviour so as to provide more relevant content or suggest certain activities. They collect information about how visitors 采用 the Websites/ mobile application, which site the 用户 came from, the number of each 用户’s visits 和 how long a 用户 stays on the Website/ mobile application. We might also 采用 analytics 饼干 to test new ads, pages, or features to see how 用户s react to them.


During 您r visit to the website/ mobile application, 饼干 are 采用d to remember information 您 have entered or choices 您 make (such as 您r 用户name, language or 您r region) on the website/ mobile application. They also store 您r preferences when personalizing the website/ mobile application to optimize 您r 采用 of 贾格兰 Josh. These preferences are remembered, through the 采用 of the 持久的 饼干, 和 the next time 您 visit the website/ mobile application 您 will not have to set them again.


These Third Party Cookies are placed by third party advertising platforms or networks in order to, deliver ads 和 track ad performance, enable advertising networks to deliver ads that may be relevant to 您 based upon 您r activities (this is sometimes called “behavioural” “tracking” or “targeted” advertising) on the website/ mobile application. They may subsequently 采用 information about 您r visit to target 您 with advertising that 您 may be interested in, on the 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) 和 other websites. For example, these 饼干 remember which browsers have visited the Website/ mobile application.Most types of these 饼干 track consumers via their Device ID or IP address therefore they may collect personal data.


We 采用 a number of partners that may also set 饼干 on 您r device on our behalf when 您 visit our website/ mobile application to allow them to deliver tailored advertising within their domains, for example Google Analytics. We endeavour to identify these 饼干 before they are 采用d so that 您 can decide whether 您 wish to accept them or not. Based on the type of 饼干 采用d by the relevant third-party, the information these 饼干 collect may include personal data but they would not be able to directly identify 您 as an individual or have any of 您r personal information such as Name, E-mail id or mobile number.

When does 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) place 饼干?

We 采用 饼干 on our websites, mobile sites 和 mobile applications. Any browser visiting these sites will receive 饼干 from us which helps us identify 您 more quickly when 您 return. We will not 采用 "cookies" or other technologies to follow 您r click stream on the Internet generally, but will 采用 them, 和 other devices, to determine which pages or information 您 find most 采用ful or interesting at our own website/ mobile application.

How 饼干 are 采用d for online analytics purposes?

We may 采用 web analytics services on our Services, such as, but not limited to those of Google Analytics. These services help us analyse how 用户s 采用 服务, including by noting the third-party site from which 您 arrive. The information collected by the technology will be disclosed to or collected directly by these service providers, who 采用 the information to evaluate 您r 采用 of the Services. We also 采用 Google Analytics for certain purposes related to online marketing, as described in the following section.

How are 饼干 采用d for advertising purposes?

Cookies和其他广告技术(例如信标,像素和标签)可帮助我们更有效地向您投放相关广告。它们还可以帮助我们为广告客户提供汇总的审计,研究和报告,了解和改进我们的服务,以及知道何时向您显示内容。我们与亿宝娱乐登录地址/移动应用分析和广告合作伙伴(包括Lotame,Facebook等)合作,在第三方发布者亿宝娱乐登录地址上投放Jagran Josh广告-这些合作伙伴可能会在您的设备上设置Cookie’sweb浏览器。这些cookie使我们的合作伙伴能够识别您的设备,以便广告服务器可以在Internet上的其他位置向您显示Jagran Josh广告,以便我们的分析软件可以在使用Jagran Josh服务时衡量您的参与度和互动度。通过这种方式,广告服务器可以收集有关您或其他使用您的设备的人在何处看到我们的广告,您是否与我们的广告互动以及在随后访问Jagran Josh及其亿宝娱乐登录地址时执行的操作的匿名,去身份化的匿名信息。应用程序。该信息使广告网络可以投放您认为最感兴趣的定向广告,并使Jagran Josh能够优化广告活动的效果以及亿宝娱乐登录地址/移动应用程序的可用性。换句话说,我们将分析数据与通过Google展示广告网络,Facebook for Advertisers或其他在线广告网络显示的在线广告数据结合使用。这样,我们可以了解匿名用户在看到我们的广告后如何与我们的亿宝娱乐登录地址/移动应用程序进行交互。

What third-party 饼干 does 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh)使用?

Please note that the third parties (advertising networks 和 providers of external services like web traffic analysis services) may also 采用 饼干 on our Services. Also, note that the names of 饼干, pixels 和 other technologies may change over time.

We 采用 trusted partners to help us service advertising, who may place 饼干 on 您r device. We also pull through content from social networks into our own pages, such as embedded 脸书 feeds. The social networks, such as 脸书, Google, etc. may themselves also put 饼干 on 您r machine. If a 用户 logs into 脸书, 推特 or Google+ via our website/ mobile application, they will leave a cookie on the 用户s' device. This is the same process as if the 用户 logs into these social networks directly.

我们还会在服务上使用Google Analytics(分析)来帮助我们分析服务的使用方式。 Google Analytics(分析)使用效果Cookie跟踪客户’s interactions. For example, by using 饼干, Google can tell us which pages our 用户s view, which are most popular, what time of day our website/ mobile application is visited, whether visitors have been to our website/ mobile application before, what website referred the visitor to our website/ mobile application, 和 other similar information.  All of this information is anonymized.

We have limited control over these 'third party' 饼干, so we suggest that 您 check the respective privacy policies for these external services to help 您 understand what data these organisations hold about 您 ,what they do with it 和 how 您 can opt-out of the same.

脸书: //
谷歌广告关键词: // 
Google跟踪代码管理器: //
Google+: //
推特: //
数据能力://, //


贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh)有时会在第三方亿宝娱乐登录地址上做广告。为了跟踪广告活动的成功,我们有时会使用访客识别技术,例如"web beacons," or "action tags," which count visitors who have come to Our Site after being exposed to 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) banner ad on a third party site. We do not 采用 this technology to access 您r personal information 和 it is only 采用d to compile aggregated statistics about visitors who come to Our Site to gauge the effectiveness of our ads.
By navigating on Our Site, 您 agree that we can place cookie 和 web beacons on 您r computer or device. If 您 prefer not to receive web beacons, then 您 should stop using Our Site, or consult 您r browsing settings.

How to control 饼干?

Most browsers allow 您 to control 饼干 through their settings preferences. However, if 您 choose to turn off these 饼干 您 will still see advertising on the internet but it may not be tailored to 您r interests. It does not mean that 您 won't be served any advertisements whilst 您 are online.  Whilst we have mentioned most of the third parties involved in using targeting or advertising 饼干 in the preceding section (What third-party 饼干 does 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) 采用), the list is not exhaustive 和 is subject to change. Therefore, even if 您 choose to turn off all the third party 饼干 listed in section (What third-party 饼干 does 贾格兰·乔希(Jagran Josh) 采用), 您 may still receive some tailored advertisements 和 recommendations.

There are a number of ways 您 can manage what 饼干 are set on 您r devices. Essential 饼干, however, cannot be disabled. If 您 do not allow certain 饼干 to be installed, the website/ mobile application may not be accessible to 您 和/or the performance, features, or services of the website may be compromised.
You can also manage this type of cookie in the privacy settings on the web browser 您 are using. Please note that if 您 采用 您r browser settings to block all 饼干 您 may not be able to access parts of our or others' websites/ mobile applications. Please see below for more information.

Changing 您r Cookie Settings: The browser settings for changing 您r 饼干 settings are usually found in the 'options' or 'preferences' menu of 您r internet browser. In order to understand these settings, the following links may be helpful. Otherwise 您 should 采用 the 'Help' option in 您r internet browser for more details.

更多信息:  To find out more about 饼干, including how to see what 饼干 have been set 和 how to manage 和 delete them, visit。您可以在以下网址了解有关选择退出接收来自其他公司的针对用户兴趣的广告的更多信息: In addition, certain third party advertising networks, like 脸书 (pixels) 和 Google, permit 用户s to opt out of or customize preferences associated with 您r internet browsing. To learn more about this feature from Google, click 这里。有关Facebook Pixel的更多信息,请单击 这里。

If 您 have any queries regarding this Cookie政策 please contact us at contact[email protected]

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